It is time to make memories.
We start from your kids.

We are opening a new wellness space offering new services focused on families in a relaxing environment where salt triumphs.
A reimagined SPA experience to share with family.

  • Steam Cave Steam heat treatment is a natural remedy for soar throat, sinusitis, and mucus. Steam inhalation provides relief from the symptoms of a cold and sinus infections making you feel a lot better while your body fights off cold and flu.

  • Emotional Shower with water in different temperatures The experience of receiving water jets and nebulized water jets in a natural cave.

  • Thalassotherapy Pool The constant 32 degrees Celsius water temperature provides many benefits. It’s antibacterial, it cleanses your skin, it helps to fight stress and cellulite. Thalassotherapy affects the vital functions of organs (liver, kidneys, skin) because it improves the lymphatic system and promotes elimination of toxins and excess fluids from our body.

  • Salt Cave The Ultrasonic Salt nebulizer is not a medical device. Salt therapy is a relaxing experience to share with your kids that provides a safe and healthy recovery from flu symptoms and from respiratory conditions.

  • Relaxing area Enjoy your relaxing moments drinking a hot herbal infusion.

Every day from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 13:00.
Free child admission (ages 12 and under) with each family (limit 2 children).

1 Adult €60,00 - 2 Adults €100,00
Young teens ages 13 and up €20,00

The price includes: adult bathrobe - shower cap - adult slippers - 1 beach towel for each adult and child

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