Our thoughts go to the people who have been affected by this terrible pandemic. We thank the healthcare professionals and governments around the world who are on the front line to permanently defeat Covid-19.

We are taking every precaution possible to ensure the health and safety of our guests. We are strictly complying with the guidelines on hospitality industry set forth by the World Health Organization.
Link to WHO Hotels Guideline for COVID - 19




We adopt 2 complementary sanitation measures. During the emergency period we used aerosol nebulizers as indicated by the government memorandum.

We subsequently activated our own ozone generators.

100% ecological Sanitation

100% ecological and up to 25 times more effective than chlorine. It acts on bacteria, fungi, and molds, modifying the permeability of the cell wall, thus causing its death within minutes. It's extremely effective against viruses as it damages their viral capsid and disrupts their reproductive cycle by interrupting virus-cell contact through hyperoxidation. The reproductive cycle is deactivated in a time ranging from 10 to 20 minutes of exposure.

Its gaseous form allows meticulous sanitation of any area as it penetrates the most inaccessible cracks and crevices.

UNAHOTELS has prepared an action plan to limit risks to both staff and guests, and possibly detect suspected cases.
This action plan, which is based on directives from the health department, provides a series of protocols and procedures coordinated by our management in collaboration with selected experts. Here are the key points:

A diary, displayed in public spaces, in which important actions and measures taken are noted, e.g., sanitation date, equipment used, the various sanitizers used, and operational staff names.

Periodic briefings between staff and management. Training to ensure understanding and compliance with hygiene and safety protocols.
Monitoring all activities and reporting any suspicious symptoms among guests;

Constant communications to guests of all available procedures and measures taken in the various areas;

Restyling plan of all common areas, such as rearranging furniture and redefining guest service to ensure maximum safety;

Buffet breakfast has changed to cafeteria-style service.

Limited access to the SPA and fitness center;

Strict sanitation of guestrooms, bar, restaurant, spa, fitness center, common areas, and high-contact points, such as door handles, elevators, reception counters, bathrooms, and conference room, etc.

Hand sanitizers placement in contact areas, such as guest rooms and public spaces,

Thermometers are available at front desk to conduct temperature checks of our guests and staff upon request. Medical masks and gloves for both guests and staff are also available upon request

Your wellbeing is our priority

We look forward to continuing to welcome you to our hotels throughout Italy with the same warm hospitality and service that have always distinguished our hotel.

We are living in a period of great concern and uncertainty. If you are thinking about booking future travel now, we want you to know that your safety and wellbeing are our priority.

We are One!