The holistic experience based on the inhalation of sodium chloride in high concentration is the new wellness proposal of UNAHotels One. A therapeutic ritual in an exclusive setting where the absolute protagonist is the largest graduation tower built in Italy in the context of a wellness area. The natural evaporation of the water favors the formation of suggestive salt stalactites between the birch twigs and the firwood shavings.

The bricks of Himalayan salt heated by radiation release the natural micro trace elements contained in the oldest sea salt into the air. The ultrasonic nebulizer gives off a mist with a high concentration of sodium chloride that in a few minutes reaches a saturation of saline component above 90%, developing the oceanic microclimate. Saline inhalation involves the activation of mineral reserves, purifies the lungs, also promotes blood circulation and stimulates metabolism.

Salt Therapy Benefits

Salt therapy provides almost instant relief.
The quiet atmosphere where soft lights and music, the sound of water flowing down the graduation tower and the pink Himalayan salt in the water, improve good emotional health, thanks to potassium- and magnesium- enriched salt that can help to relieve muscle tension while negative ions improve levels of serotonin that plays an important role in regulating mood.
People with respiratory conditions may have benefits because inhaling salt cleanses the airways for easy breathing.

The high concentration of iodine gives the air a very low bacterial load which may be particularly useful for those with skin conditions, including acne, psoriasis, eczema, irritation, and skin inflammation.
Since salt is a hygroscopic substance so it absorbs water molecules in the air, salt therapy can be used to reduce the amount of excess fluid in the body, and to boost metabolism.

Thalasso Pool

The constant 33 ° water temperature allows the body to absorb the trace elements and minerals of the sea salt dissolved in the water. The action of the lumbar and plantar hydrotherapeutic massage has a draining, detoxifying and relaxing effect.

Salt cave

The salt cave releases a beneficial effect thanks to the combined action of heat, air humidity and micronized and nebulized sodium chloride. Regenerates the skin, the respiratory tract, promotes blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism. The effects of the graduation tower and the radiation of the Himalayan salt bricks favor a room saline saturation.

Helping Your Child Breathe Better

We allow access to the salt cave for children at certain times dedicated to them. Salt cave therapy helps children effectively manage existing respiratory conditions, support better breathing and build a stronger immune system.

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